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Lyra - All your music in ONE place!
Do you own a large CD music collection like many of us, music lovers? Eden Acoustique’s Lyra Audiophile Media Player can access and organize all of your multi-hundred (or thousand?) music titles in a central library. Lyra puts it all at your fingertips, from your favourite music services—such as TIDAL, Qobuz and Google Play — to music on your computer(s), NAS or USB drive. Delivered in bit-perfect quality to your TOMEI speakers, DAC or audio system.
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Eden Lyra Audiophile Music Player is based on the wonderful Moode Audio free open-source software (FOSS) byTim Curtis. It offers the most professionally designed User Interface on the market, an extensive set of audiophile options and support for most major audio devices and services. Here are some of its features:

  • Adaptive UI version 5 with Playbar
  • CoverView UI with HUD controls
  • Library, Radio, Folder, Tag and Album views
  • Album and Radio one-tap Instant Play
  • Random Album one-tap Instant Play
  • Auto-shuffle random play with filters
  • Advanced search filters in Folder view
  • Bluetooth with Lyra-to-Lyra streaming
  • Airplay, Spotify, Squeezelite and UPnP renderers
  • Tidal, Qobuz and Google Play via UPnP
  • Parametric and Graphic Equalizers
  • SoX high-quality resampling
  • Crossfeed for Headphone listening
  • WiFi Access Point (AP) Mode
  • Samba scan for easy NAS connect
  • Network scan for easy WiFi connection
  • Connect to other Lyra players

Lyra plays music stored on your computer, NAS or USB hard disk drive and supports all major protocols, such as UPnP/DLNA and direct playback via SMB/CIFS. Stream your music to Lyra using Airplay or Bluetooth, using any music service, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, …

Pick from any selection of over 180 free internet radio stations, many in HD format. Add more at your convenience.

The beautiful high-resolution, color display with IPS technology delivers a stunning picture, from any viewing angle.

High-quality digital outputs: asynchronous USB 2.0, SPDIF (RCA, BNC). Eden Lyra supports playback of DSD64, DSD128 and PCM signals up to 32bit/384KHz, including AIFF, WAV, FLAC, and ALAC audio file formats.
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  • System entirely loaded in RAM and optimized for bit-perfect playback
  • Internal 384kHz/32bit DAC
  • Accepts external DAC through USB port
  • Supports all filetypes: FLAC, Alac, Aac, DSD, etc
  • UPNP Playback
  • Airplay Playback
  • Bluetooth playback with multi-room streaming
  • Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and Google Play support
  • Integrated High Definition WebRadio collection
  • Parametric and Graphic Equalizers
  • Voice control using Apple Siri™
  • Mount Network Attached Storage, with auto-discovery function
  • Custom playlist editing and creation with advanced search functions
  • Image background support
  • Alarm and sleep functions
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An audiophile DAC is included, using the highest quality electronic parts, such as the SABRE DAC chip and ELNA best audio capacitors. Four USB ports at the back let you use your own DAC if desired and / or connect your FLASH or USB drive.


  • Hyperstream™ and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technologies
  • Dynamic Range of DAC chip: 112dB
  • Ultra-low jitter Femto clock from IDT (as low as 100fs typical phase jitter).
  • 50VA toroidal transformer
  • Linear regulator @ 6.3VDC - with < 20uV output noise level
DAC circuit:
  • Four 470 uF Elna Silmic II filtering audio capacitors
  • Two-stage LDO:
  • First power cleaning stage: TI LP5907 - low Output Voltage Noise: < 6.5 μVRMS
  • Next stage: TI TPS7A8701 - Ultra Low Output Noise: 3.8 μVRMS.
  • 192kHz/24bit capability with DSD to DxD PCM conversion at 384kHz/32bit
  • 4 x USB 2.0 output/input connectors
  • Analog audio output with 2 x gold plated RCA connectors.


  • Dimensions: 225 x 225 x 175 H mm / 9 x 9 x 7 inch
  • Weight: 3.3 kG (7.25 lbs.)
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S/PDIF (optional)

Lyra offers an optional version with digital outputs. It is a high resolution version with analog output and digital I/O. It also comes with remote control operation.


  • Analog / Digital soundcard
  • Up to 384kHz / 32bit resolution
  • Up to 0.2W on 32 Ohm Headphones
  • Dual ultra low-jitter and low-phase noise oscillators
  • Dual ultra low-noise LDO’s for analog and digital power rails
  • IR Sensor for remote control
  • Gold-plated RCA and 3.5mm phone jack
  • Optical (TOSLINK) and Coaxial (RCA) connectors
  • Low-Noise design with isolated Digital and Analog sections.